Expressive Artist

Dr. jamie Marich

Dr. Jamie Marich is a practitioner of the expressive arts, which by definition is multimodal and intermodal engagement in various creative forms. Jamie grew up on stage playing violin, performing Croatian and Slavic folk repertoire, and participating in both figure skating and theater. As she grew up, Jamie served as a liturgical musical director and actively performed and recorded as a singer-songwriter. A life-long writer, she found that connecting with different pursuits like filmmaking, visual art, yoga, and mindful dance helped her to connect with the written word even more. Jamie’s life exemplifies how the expressive arts allow us to heal and flourish. All expressive and creative forms are on the table for Jamie, and they can be integrated into her talks and workshops. The expressive arts offer a powerful vehicle for Jamie’s spiritual teaching and retreat or workshop facilitation. For organizational cultures, booking Jamie to conduct an expressive arts-based workshop and group process is a dynamic way to work through creative blocks and engage in further team building.

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"Dr. Jamie's invitational approach to group facilitation is immersive, educational, and encourages participants to practice personal agency–enabling them to engage with the content in a way that feels most beneficial. Dr. Jamie’s passion for expressive arts therapy infused the workshop with a deep sense of purpose and potential, inspiring a collective sense of enthusiasm among all participants. This workshop was a masterclass in effective and inclusive education. By weaving personal and professional experiences, maintaining an invitational approach, and incorporating trauma-informed principles, Dr. Jamie created a space where learning was not just informative but transformative.”

Lisa Wall (she/her)
Community Care & Mission Programs SHE RECOVERS® Foundation

“Working with Dr. Jamie Marich is always a delight. She has taught with us regularly over the last several years in our spiritual retreats, providing deeply enriching, trauma-informed creative practices. Her dedication to her own inner work and to service to others are both fully apparent in all she offers.”

Dr. Christine Valters Paintner
Founder and Director, Abbey of the Arts

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The hashtag "#redefinetherapy" came out of Dr. Jamie Marich's 2015 book, Dancing Mindfulness: A Creative Path to Healing and Transformation. Watch the pilot film to learn more about the genesis of the hashtag and the movement and look out for more episodes and tales from the road about how folks are putting redefine therapy into action!

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