Dr. jamie Marich

Consultation is the art of sharing both personal and professional experience. Dr. Jamie enjoys offering consultation to individuals, systems, and organizations seeking an extra boost in helping them reach their definitions of success. Although her availability for consultation is often limited due to her speaking, teaching, and writing schedule, she enjoys offering consults in the following areas–especially when there are intersections in areas of focus:

  • Dissociation and Dissociative Identities
  • Coming Out in Professional or Other Conservative Contexts
  • Spiritual Abuse and Religious Trauma
  • Trauma-Informing Systems and Organizational Cultures, including fitness and yoga/meditation/retreat communities
  • Stigma and Discrimination Issues in Mental Health and Addiction Recovery
  • Expressive Arts Infused Curriculum Designs
  • LGBTQ+ Issues, specifically the bisexual experience
  • Writing, Content Editing and Book Coaching
  • EMDR and Expressive Arts Therapy

To inquire about whether or not Dr. Jamie Marich is accepting new consultation requests at this time please fill out our CONTACT FORM and someone from Jamie’s office will be in touch as soon as possible. If Jamie is not able to meet your consultation request, her team will make every effort to put you in touch with another appropriate consultant.

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“I completed my first EMDR Therapy Basic Training in 2001 and a second Basic Training in 2020. In both of those trainings DID was described in the most terrifying way. I had to dissociate just to get through the trainings because we were being taught to be extra careful with people like me. I decided to study with and consult with Dr. Jamie Marich in 2023. Dr. Marich was extraordinarily welcoming. I was not only included, I was seen as fully human and not to be feared or pathologized for doing what I had to do to survive what I had to survive. I have since met so many therapists with dissociative systems and I am no longer having to dissociate within my own profession. Seeing the gifts of being plural has allowed me to be more fully myself with colleagues and to show up even more authentically with my clients. It's a rainbow and unicorn kind of heaven for therapists like me and those of us focused on justice and anti-oppression inside and outside of the consultation room.”

Gisele Harrison, MSW, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“At nscience, we have engaged Jamie as a trainer for psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors for almost 5 years now and we have always received very positive feedback from delegates – she is always well prepared, well planned, up to date with current trends and her delivery style is erudite and professional. It’s always a pleasure to host Jamie!”

-Ravi Kumar Program Director, nscienceUK