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Dr. Jamie Marich is the author of over fifteen books and manuals in the field of trauma, recovery, and expressive arts. With her work increasingly appealing to wider audiences than just her clinical colleagues, Jamie seeks to create material that facilitates transformation for the reader. She currently has many projects in the works with her primary publisher, North Atlantic Books, and she also generates many of her own outside-the-box publications through her own company, Creative Mindfulness Media. She is particularly excited about her latest release, You Lied to Me About God–A Memoir coming out in October 2024. In this project, she shares her lived experience with spiritual abuse and how she found a path to recovery and healthy spirituality.

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“Dissociation Made Simple is just as important as The Body Keeps the Score (but an easier read for me.)”

5-star Amazon review

“Dr. Jamie Marich is a pioneer in the trauma-recovery field. Her expert strategies are always accompanied by compassion and kindness. Her depth of knowledge means that you are always in good hands.”

-Veronica Valli, author of Soberful and co-host of the Soberful podcast

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You Lied to Me About God


by Dr. Jamie Marich


A courageous, vulnerable, and spellbinding memoir that explores with visceral impact what happens when harm starts at home—and is exalted as God’s will.

For readers of Unfollow and Jesus Land, You Lied to Me About God explores spiritual abuse, intergenerational trauma, and weaponized faith

At nine years old, Jamie Marich asked God to end it all.

Doing it herself would be an irrevocable sin: an affront to the church and her father’s God. She prayed instead for the rapture, an accident, a passive death—anything to stop the turmoil of feeling wrong: wrong in her body; wrong in her desires; wrong in her faith in a merciful God that could love her wholly as she was.

You Lied to Me About God explores the schisms that erupt when faith is weaponized, when abuse collides with the push-and-pull of a mixed religious upbringing tyhat tells you: no matter which path you choose—no matter what you know in your heart to be true—you’re probably damned.

With resilience, strength, and gut-punching clarity, Marich takes readers through a tumultuous coming-of-age marked by addiction, escapism, spiritual manipulation, misogyny, and abuse. She shares with unflinching detail the complicity of her mother’s silence and the lengths her father went to assert dominance and control over her body, her desires, her identity—and even her eternal soul—”for her own good” and with a side of televangelistic hellfire.

Hitting a breaking point, Marich embarks on pilgrimage: from shrines in Croatia to ashrams in Florida, she reckons with what it means to come home to a faith that heals and accepts her wholly as she is: in her queerness, in her body, and in her deep relationship to an expansive and loving God.

“Dr. Jamie Marich is the rebel pilot that the trauma field desperately needs… The message is clear in the writing: all readers are welcome.”

-Justine Mastin, co-author of Starship Therapise and The Grieving Therapist

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