Dr. Jamie Marich

Helping People and Systems Flourish

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Helping People and Systems Flourish

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As A Speaker

Discover Jamie’s talks, workshops, and retreat programming.

As An Author

Over fifteen publications in the field of trauma, recovery, and expressive arts.

As an Expressive Artist

Expressive arts-based workshops and group processes with Jamie.

As A Consultant

Consultation offered to individuals, systems, and organizations.

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“Dr. Jamie is an essential voice in our network as we seek speakers with impactful material, a deep understanding of audience, and superlative facilitation expertise. She has the unique ability to ground a crowd into the present moment, captivate them as an artist-engineer of communication, and present real opportunities for radical personal insight. Her clinical specialization coupled with genuine authenticity creates warm and honest experiences that are truly memorable.”

Alyson Stoner
Actor, Advocate & Founder of Movement Genius